Messenger Functions So that you never skip a note get notifications, See when you have messages waiting for you having a live hardwood Deliver photos, films, GIFs and much more Bring your discussions alive with stickers Recognize when your messages have been noticed by folks Create teams for that people you message mostname them and set party images Forward communications or photographs to those who weren;t in the dialogue Seek out individuals and organizations to rapidly make contact with them App facts For ages 13 and up More Protected systems Windows – 10 Mobile Windows Windows Cellphone 8 ( ) English (Usa) Norsk, Bokmål (Norge) Slovenina (Slovenská Republika) Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional) Bahasa Indonesia (Australia) Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) Tiêng Vit (Vit Nam) Uk (United Kingdom) Use your microphone Use your webcam Use your unit system providers Utilize the press items which are currently enjoying Utilize many Windows Phone receptors Access your browser Utilize a Microsoft consideration that is unknown Use your location Push announcements that are send Use your devices voiceoverip (VoIP) providers Make use of the images inside your media selection Utilize your rear- or front-facing camera Use your contacts Accessibility Your Online link and behave as a server. Make code dynamically Access Your Online connection Use your pictures library Use your video catalogue More Record this software Ahmad 6/14/2016 Lack of functions It offers us usage of call an individual individual or possibly a full team (via party call) But like the previous mobile version, you can just perform a simple things in the PC version, its not similar. This app needs to be updated. I have a request that, should something is updated by you people on the device, make it is also updated by sure u. Thankyou for reading. 2 stars out-of 5 Please synchronize this type with ios messenger or Android. Totally unhappy, no regular updates, sluggish to weight, n where is the phone call functions? May t set conversation coloring, can view talk party photography in a straightforward way.

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And where is the bubble feature? Not ready for primetime. I typically don;t mind some of the Messenger customers. except smartphone spy program this 1. I’d to uninstall and reinstall it as it ceased operating, I;deb get a notice that I;n obtained an email, but when I visited on the message to respond, the messenger window could start, however collisionking it ineffective until I reinstalled. 1 stars out of 5 Athanasia · 6/10/2016 It stinks! It’s early and hasn;t been updated in ages. It lacks calls that are video, speech calls, GIFs, and I wear;t know what otherwise it lacks but it lacks a lot of issues.

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This one is not so much better than the iOS and Android versions. It is in desperate need of a considerable update! You can’t even answer the message in an instant-hide screen such as you can in texts. It is today protected by the Windows 10 OS, but has been cheated. A great deal of issues must change. I am hoping onw update is in works and you will not be unavailable soon enough!! Gabriela 6/11/2016 This application can be bad and good. It sends communications properly and all-but it can spend your battery life. Most of I, all ;ve been planning to call my pals through it doesn and messenger t have the choice to accomplish this.

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I wouldn;t be offered to either answer or fall call, if someone named me. It doesn;t allow you to adjust chat hues or even to set up emoji thingies. It sucks.